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How Dosage of Botox® is Measured Differently than Similar Neurotoxin Treatments Like Dysport®

I had a consultation with a doctor for Botox injections in-between the brows. I think I mostly have a “1” not an “11”. See photo. She recommends 50 units! Isn't this way too much? I did purchase a Groupon. I'm thinking maybe she just wants more money. Please advise. Thank you.

How Crooked Lips can be Balanced with Filler for Volume, or a Botox Lip Lift/ Smile Lift

Every time I take a picture, my lips are crooked. Is this due to my jaw or lip muscles?You submitted a question with one photo and you say that every time you take a picture, your lip appears to be crooked and you want to know is this because of your jaw or because of the lip muscles.

Allergan Botox, still hasn't worn off after six months. Is this abnormal?

Is it normal for Allergan Botox to not have worn off after six months? I'm panicking that this is permanent. I can move my forehead – it's probably back to 80 to 90% movement as it was before, but at the sides of my eyes, it just isn't wearing off. My cheeks are still being pushed forward instead of creasing at the sides of my eyes as it did before. I'm desperate for it to wear off as I hate it. The clinic who did the Allergan Botox said they can't give a timescale for it wearing off. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dissolving Cosmetic Fillers with Hyaluronidase Doesn't Significantly Affect Natural Hyaluronic Acid

A Hyaluronidase for filler removal-specific question. I had filler 2-different time in the past 3-months to fix a dent left in my forehead from cortisone injection. Although it’s now pretty smooth, Dr. […] filled it a little leaving a bruise like shadow, because it’s raise a little and visible in [certain] light. Considering having it dissolved and waiting for my skin to bounce back, my question is what are the risks? Is there any chance of it indenting my skin again or taking away any of the natural collagen of my skin along with the filler?

BOTOX Botulinum Neurotoxin Injection Manual

The Essential Guide for Clinicians Who Prescribe and Inject BoNTs

This is a detailed and practical guide to botulinum neurotoxin therapy (BoNT) and the wide range of applications for neurological and pain disorders. A unique reference source for new injectors and experienced clinicians alike, this indispensable manual provides information on dose, dilution, and indications for all four FDA-approved toxins in one handy text.

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