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What comes to mind when I say Double Chin? Tell me about Kybella Price.

Kybella is a new treatment that is for Submental Fullness; where you have excess fat in your chin, you get a double chin and you don't like it and you're looking to get rid of it and have a nice more sculpted jawline. Everybody has fat in this area, the ideal setting is just a little thin layer that sits underneath your skin to give it support and give it smoothness but if you get too much in one area for whatever reason which is usually genetics, then you start to lose that balance. Now, some people gain it with weight gain or weight loss but for the most part people that are great candidates for this are ones that just always have it no matter what weight they're at.

Buy Kybella Injections Online for Double Chin

The procedure we are going to be focusing on is Kybella. Kybella happens to be the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for Submental Fullness. Submental Fullness is the fat below the chin, it's also known as a double chin, it's an extremely common aesthetic concern for many of our patients in Miami and I'm sure that holds true for the rest of the United States and the world as well.

Botox Training: Injection techniques and main points with injections in these areas

So, we haven't talked about Botox Nasalis yet. Remember that muscles sort of sits on the bridge of the nose and it sort of sits like a saddle on the bridge of the nose? Well, the one thing about it is that the LSAN is also very prominent in that area; it runs down just beside the nose, so it's very critical that I want you to stay on the nose itself, don't be going off to the side of the nose onto the face, stay right on the nose which I'm showing you in this picture here, there are the lines on the nose and I want your injection to go right in that “X”. So, here is my nose and there's no “X” there but I think you can figure it out, you want to get her to do that and then inject directly into the lines themselves right on the nose.

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